Episode 0 – Exploding on the Scene with a BIG BANG!

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Your wonderful co-hosts Noelle and Dame Dr. Foxy Brown discuss mostly Big Bang’s comeback after 2.5 years.  The topic ranges from their debut, how the mini-album stacks up against their previous music, the promise to go back to their roots, and an analysis of the music video.

The Download Link for The Pilot

Topics that were also covered are: other YG Family artists and the company’s marketing strategy, 5Dolls, DBSK, Song Ji Eun’s (of Secret) official debut song co-featuring Bang Yong Gook and U-KISS member shuffle and our personal feelings on that (be on the lookout for a little U-KISS tribute at the very end).  There’s also the GD & TOP album release event in Manila, Philippines. In the future we hope to have proper hosting and to get the show on iTunes.

You can find us on twitter at The Always Rational Kpop Podcast and email us at thealwaysrationalkpoppodcast@gmail.com

Have a free picture of Chanmi (5Dolls & CoED) performing on Music Core on February 19,2011 & one of her on Inkigayo the following day.

Searched my vids for the red hat, just because it's so boss and because I love you. Turns out I like "Your Words" more than "Lip Stains" in the time it took listening to the song for a nice shot.

Not the red hat I mentioned, but it's pretty much the same style, different color

4 responses to “Episode 0 – Exploding on the Scene with a BIG BANG!

  1. Love the banner!!! hahaha! XD

  2. Thx for the great podcast! Loving it!! XD

  3. i don’t like Tonight that much. i prefer What is Right and Cafe way better. those 2 songs are the only ones i actually like in the album hmmmm…. LOL @ you guys talking about YG. yeah it would be better if he just tells us the season instead of the date it’s really upsetting when you’re too excited waiting for their release that you canceled your appointments just to make sure you’re in front of your computer when they release it. not that i do that. but i think it is upsetting for those who wait. lol i’m babbling.

    Noelle, it was 2NE1 tv i think. Bommie would’ve sounded better on jibe kajima i think. but i like the beat of the song so i don’t really mind.

    i agree dame, i don’t understand why they have to shoot Tonight in Vegas. i’m thinking YG prolly wanted to visit Shaun and Aimee in Cali so might as well shoot the video in the US State right beside it -__- i don’t even understand why they chose that song as their main song.

    although i’m not a rational kpop fan (as you gurls know) i’ll be a regular here because i love you gurls that much and it’s really interesting listening to the two of you and because i love to disagree with you about 2ne1 haha. Listenin to you gurls is like listening to what you talk about over skype.

    ok i need to hit the sack. i only listened to BigBang’s part. i’ll get back to the rest. i’m curious to hear what you think about ukiss. i love ukiss these guys are really nice. uhm yeah because they’re nice. and i spent 8 freakin thousand pesos just to see them do a front act for Rain when it was supposed to be mblaq! ok im babbling again.

    i hope you’ll make one for mblaq. just because i love them haha! gotta go for reals!

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