Dame Dr. Foxy Brown

My podcast experience dates back about 2 and a half years, starting with the Ass Backwards Anime Podcast my college friends and I created, but my interest in Kpop goes back over three years before then. Of course, I took it upon myself to kpop-ify my friends and you’ll find throughout the back catalog of that podcast, you can occasionally hear songs in Korean or references to Kpop artists.

Noelle asked me to do this podcast with her and I thought “Why the hell not? I was looking for an excuse to do a Kpop centered podcast without doing any of the hard work myself.”

My interest in Kpop started with 1TYM, Se7en and Rain, and of the three one is no longer recording and the only person I maintain an interest in Rain.

Brace yourself, if you’ll ever hear me struggle to be rational and unbiased about anyone it’ll be the following artists (in no particular order):

  • Big Bang
  • Wonder Girls
  • 4minute
  • Dalmatian
  • Rain
  • Basick
  • Untouchable
  • Dok2
  • 2am
  • Brown Eyed Girls
  • All That
  • Clazziquai
  • Tei
  • Swings
  • Lee Hyori
  • Tae Yang
  • U-KISS
  • Daesung
  • Miss A
  • Dynamic Duo
  • Supreme Team
  • Secret
  • 8Eight
  • The Quiett
  • San E
  • Epik High
  • Younha
  • Bobby Kim
  • Big Tone & PilKang
  • Minos
  • M(inwoo)
  • Navi

You can find me on twitter at Dame Dr. Foxy Brown or on the show’s twitter account ARKpopPodcast and you can shoot me hatemail about who I’m missing on this list or to inform me that I’m favoring artists from this list above and beyond what I should at thealwaysrationalkpoppodcast@gmail.com

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