I honestly do not like the term “biases” so let me just tell you guys what I love, Kpop-wise. If you haven’t noticed it yet, I love THE PRETTY and real talent (although it may not be obvious). For a quick look at what’s in my music player, check out my profile here.

I love DBSK in all its forms – from 5 members to 2 members, JYJ, Big Bang, Lee Hyori, 1tym, SNSD, f(x), Epik High, After School, 4Minute, One Way, SS501, Verbal Jint, G-Na, B2ST, C.N BLUE, Clazziquai Project, Alex, Loveholic, Winterplay, Standing Egg,, Mate, and a whole lot more. These are just the artists off the top of my head and is not an all-encompassing list. I’ll add more when I have the inclination to do so. I basically listen to a variety of Kpop, and my musical tastes are not limited to “idol” music.

Apart from Kpop, I love Jpop, and some Cpop. I am a fan of Asian music and that includes Asian-American artists. I also listen to a lot of dance music, American, Australian and British pop. I don’t discriminate when it comes to music, and language is not a barrier to me. I may not understand the lyrics, but as long as the music moves something within me, I’ll like it.

Questions, comments, violent reactions? Feel free to leave a comment, e-mail us at, send us a tweet @ARKPoppodcast, or if you’re up to it, send me a tweet @xtristessa.

One response to “Noelle

  1. Oh Noelle… I think I love you now!

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