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Episode 6 – The American Dream

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The seventh release and sixth official episode of The Always Rational Kpop Episode is here and it’s a bit of a doozy.  We spend a lot of time talking about comeback news and the fact that Block B hasn’t completely disappointed us.  We apologize for any inferiority in the recording as Noelle’s computer was experiencing complications from a heart murmur.  I also will apologize for my accent dipping in and out and changing, I don’t know what happened there.  Our “Free Talk” considers the American advance that everyone seems to be coveting so badly.

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  • Rain wins the Time 100 Most Influential People Poll (The Poll has been gamed several times in the past, don’t take it too seriously)
  • Rania & 4minute reedit their choreography to remove the Spread Leg dance due to it invoking Uncomfortable Feelings in the audience.
  • f(x)’s comeback teasers have been released this week

  • Dal Shabet returns with “Pink Rocket”

    Cmon. What does this look like to you? Be Honest.

  • Leader Eric’s comeback was announced.
  • My Story wasn’t that funny.
  • Eluphant (Minos & Kebee return after 5 years)
  • Block B has their debut stage (AssBrass made the beats, but Kyung & Zico wrote the lyrics):
  • JYJ loses permission to do Charity Concert
  • JYJ Announces North American Tour Stops: Vancouver, BC, San Jose, CA, Los Angeles, CA & Newark, NJ.
  • Big Bang puts up a poll for where their global tour should go, ignores Australia, New Zealand, the entire continent of Africa, and the Caribbean/West Indies, but whateves, such is life.
  • Jaejoong does a “tell all” interview & Noelle speculates on the identity of his four girlfriends since debut.
Leading into our main topic is the following performance on 100 points out of 100 that Brian Joo (formerly of Duo Fly to the Sky) apologized profusely on twitter for.
We talk about KARA’s amazingly unexpected success in Japan, the supposed approaching end of their contract dispute issues and the fact that no one would’ve predicted their explosive success when it was announced that they’re going up against SNSD for the hearts and minds of the Japanese idol music listening public.

The Music Video that launched the phenomenon and their music career in Japan.

Lastly, we follow up our Kara/SNSD Japanese advance discussion with a lengthy one on the proposed American debuts of Rania, U-KISS, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, etc.  This discussion mostly popped into my mind when I was reflecting on KARA’s overcoming their underdog status and I began to wonder if the group/solo artist that manages to truly extend the Hallyu wave to the US will end up being someone we don’t expect.

However, if they’re going to move into a market where the media can completely ruin careers, the truth of the matter is the Korean Music Industry is going to need to clean itself up, a point that Time Magazine pointed out over a full decade ago.

We also touch quite vaguely on Asian-American artists that are extending their popularity on Youtube and on the charts, and the advantages either group has as well as their disadvantages.

The last segment is a bit we’re going to continue doing per episode, just a brief spotlight on artists that have been out of the mainstream eye for a few years, whose music isn’t quite what you get from idols.  Comprised of DJ Clazzi, Horan & Alex Chu (of We Got Married Season 1 fame) and known as Clazziquai Project, they’ve been active since 2004 with the release of Instant Pig.  Their music is a combination of Electronic, Acid Jazz and House & here are a few examples.

Sweety featuring a young man that would’ve eventually become Top Star Lee Junki.

And a few videos from their last release Mucho Punk

Lastly, them performing one of their Most Well known songs “Romeo & Juliet”

Feel free to consume every music video you can find on Fluxus’ channel, their artists are amazing, talented, and they try different styles of music you might not find in the mainstream.

I’mma say goodbye with Handsome People’s latest MV, Crazy 

Opening Song: Block B – Wanna B
Insert Song: Clazziquai – Sweety
Ending Song: Eluphant – She is not Following You

Email us at thealwaysrationalkpoppodcast@gmail.com with any questions, concerns, ideas, hate mail, rants, etc. We’d be thrilled to hear from you. Until Next week.

Episode 1 – What Would You Do For Fame?

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After I called the previous episode the zero episode on a whim, this is now our official first episode.

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In the news segment we cover Heechul’s accident with a lightboard at Super Show 3 in Shanghai, and I make jokes that are probably uncalled for, but it’s always important to remember that you shouldn’t throw things that can become missiles or injure someone.  We also discuss the fact that JYJ’s fanmade Internet Station created because their group was being obviously blacklisted in the traditional media has shut down after 4 days, SME announces that they bought the rights to create a Korean Drama based on the manga Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Hana Kimi) and Noelle creates dream-casting by suggesting f(x)’s Amber as the lead, Big Bang tops downloadable charts, including iTunes and hits two of BillBoard’s charts, and eager eyes discover Teddy Park’s (of  1TYM) cameo in Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” MV ft. Busta Rhymes and Lil Wayne.

An example of 1TYM’s music from their last album, released back in 2005.

We’re sidetracked for a bit talking about Crown J and his current troubles and I completely blank on Young Dro’s name.

Following the news we cover two freetalk segments. The first is some discussion of the increasingly common occurrence of Korean artists migrating to the Japanese market. We reason out the why beyond the obvious (money) and talk about the respect needed to continue your growth in both industries. Regretably we neglect to mention the reverse, of an unestablished Korean artist migrating from the Japanese market back to the Korean market. I am so sorry for forgetting about you Go Younha, I still love you.

We give credit to the original BoA, to the first Korean Boyband to take Japan by storm, Dong Bang Shin Ki/Tohoshinki and about those that are following in their footsteps currently.

The last topic covered is “What would you do to become famous?” and we discuss mostly the issues surrounding Jang Ja Yeon’s suicide. She was an actress in the obscenely popular Korean remake of Boys Over Flowers and committed suicide shortly after to draw attention to her plight and similar ones of other actresses. A portion of the list of 31 men she accused her company of forcing her to provide sexual favors to leaked on the Internet this past week. These were men she accused of being Devils, and while this list has yet to be independently verified, it is still shining a light on the darker side of the Entertainment industry.  Up to the point of recording the police had accused her list of being fabricated by Jun, the inmate friend of hers, but shortly after a group of independent experts spoke about the unlikelihood of the list being faked.

Find out more about depression here NIH on depression

Next episode we hope to cover some more positive things in our freetalk segments. We’re also going to talk a bit about MBLAQ and the trend of boy/girl idol groups to include both very talented members and those that fit in well to the group (not meant as an insult to MBLAQ). And Noelle is going to try to continue to improve as an editor.

Opening Song – Kara’s Mister (Japanese version)
Ending Song – MBLAQ – Y